We are a pioneering team of landscape engineers that partner with leading designers to turn the most inspiring designs into remarkable outdoor spaces.

Our purpose

We craft exceptional outdoor spaces that honour and deliver the vision of each of our design partners. Our expertise in intricate and complex engineering techniques has been obtained through years of experience over a wide array of projects. We believe that an open, solution led mindset and a strong design partnership is the key to delivering remarkable outdoor spaces that inspire and captivate.


We are always looking to push the boundaries and the limits of what landscapes can be. Imaginative thinking and creative solutions ensure our partner’s vision is realised with precision. We relish a challenge and our vast experience and skillset provide the solution for any design concept, no matter how complex.


By working collaboratively we are pioneering the way outdoor spaces are delivered. Clear communication and the sharing of ideas and knowledge throughout our specialist industry enable our engineered landscapes to stand out above the rest.

Passionate Craftsmen

Our team are passionate about their craft and obsessed with the finest of detail. Our exceptional skills and dedication to the task ensure every project is completed to the highest quality and standard.

We know how to realise a vision and thrive on contributing to amazing outdoor spaces.


Our partners are in good hands. With over 25 years experience, we alleviate any concerns and they can be confident that we will deliver projects with all regulations fully thought through. Our consistency and unwavering readiness to support and advise throughout the project allow us to provide a truly bespoke service.


Perfection is at the heart of everything we do. It drives us to achieve and surpass a designer’s vision and go far beyond their expectations. We will not compromise on detail and know the importance of delivering a project to the highest possible quality and standard of completion.

Our Partners

Creating partnerships is the foundation of our remarkable outdoor spaces.

Our Work

Cookham Project

Partnership: James Lambert
Awards: 2018 APL Supreme Winner

Beaconsfield Project

Overview: Delivering an authentically aged outdoor space inspired by rural France

Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Partnership: Tom Stuart-Smith
Relocated to: RHS Garden Bridgewater

Join our team

To enable us to continue to build pioneering landscapes, we are always on the lookout for new talent to strengthen our team. If you are an expert craftsman with a passion for quality and detail, you could be part of our highly driven team. Share your passion with us info@raael.com